Saturday, September 19, 2009

Radioactive toothpaste will give you superpower!

 Well maybe not superpowers, but it will give your teeth that nice healthy green glow, and kill bad breath too! Okay, I can't prove that, but it does remind me of the Futurama episode where the main characters find that superhero cream.

"Doramad Radioactive Toothpaste was produced from 1940-1945 in Germany by Auergesellschaft of Berlin. The toothpaste contained small amounts of thorium, though later analysis showed its radioactivity levels to be very low." wiki article

This is what it says on the bottle

What Does Doramad Do?
Its radioactive radiation increases the defenses of teeth and gums. The cells are loaded with new life energy, the bacteria are hindered in their destroying effect. This explains the excellent prophylaxis and healing process with gingival diseases. It gently polishes the dental enamel so it turns white and shiny. Prevents dental calculus. Wonderful lather and a new, pleasant, mild and refreshing taste. Can be applied sparingly.

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