Monday, September 21, 2009

Texting while biking, genius!

Okay so they're not biking in this article, but they have modified a bike glove that can recognize movements.  The bike glove measures the impulses from mucles and translates them into recognizable objects; like writing.  It reminds me of the gloves in Minority Report where Cruise was doing all those hand movements and changing the picture on the screen.  Thedownside is that it can take a lot to get this thing to work...

"The more times the user traces the letter, the better the computer gets at identifying it. With five repetitions, the computer was accurate 63 percent of the time. After 35 repetitions, the computers accuracy hit 97 percent."

This reminds me a bit of Microsoft's speech recognition software, but if it's 97% accurate then I think it beats Microsoft hands down.  The model, however, will cost $100 and will most likely be marketed to the medical field first.

Discovery article

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