Saturday, September 26, 2009

training-grenade MP3 player

What ever happened to MP4 players? I remember like 2 years ago I saw something on the discovery channel about some guys saying MP4 songs were going to be all the rage?  Where is the guy now, I'm going to beat over the head with this grenade.

Sorry about that, I get like that sometimes.  Okay, now this is an interesting story.  Apparently anyone who orders non-functional munitions (in NYC) will get a call from da' law, even though it's not illegal.  Anyone else think that's a little f'd up?  Anyways, a cool toy was made in the end.

There was much fear and freak out. But cooler heads prevailed and a phone call was made. "Hey Matt, did you order metal objects of a dubious nature?" "Yes, yes I did." There was a great deal of internal strife over this particular event as ordering munitions to the space is strictly forbidden. Upon review and discussion it was decided that while purchasing decommissioned training grenades was not in fact illegal in NYC (as far as we know), it was not something we would ever do again. That being said. I immediately set forth on a childhood dream project. I put an 1/8th inch jack into the pin hole for the gr3nade. It looked GOOD. Totally flush... very pretty. So I decided to run with it. I ran the cabling into the gr3nade... hacksawed it open. Inserted a Sansa 2 GB mp3 player. And then tried to SMD rework it. This ended poorly as the first sansa basically got burned by the rework station and died. The second I avoided using the rework station and instead recruited bre and his arms for a session of intense soldering onto very tiny solder points.

From boingboing via nycresistor

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