Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Xbox concept design

This is a concept design I saw on tuvie.com.  The pictures just look awesome, and my favorite part is that there isn't a dvd-rom drive!  Why you ask? Because with the Xbox 360, Microsoft (or rather sub-contractors) managed to make the console completely inoperable with extremely defective drives. But it's okay because I know just how to use my Xbox 360 now.  Fight with it for 10 minutes to get the game to stay in the tray, and then when I'm ready to play, just hit start and hear a nice "crunch" sound while the game is playing; that means the game is working....I think.

But I digress, back to the concept design.  This is called the Xbox 720.  What the 720 stands for I don't know, but bigger numbers are always better, right?  Moving on, it was designed to look like a UFO, which I think is cool.  UFO's are all the rage now, just look at google's banner.


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