Thursday, October 1, 2009

2014 Olympics Stadium

I don't even know how to begin to describe this design for the 2014 winter Olympics stadium in Russia.  The creation is so other-worldly when it comes to comparable stadiums that it's mind-blowing.  It's said to have a "shimmering crystalline skin".  Construction on this project hasn't begun just yet, but it's clear that Russia is trying to top other Olympic buildings that have come before, and they're right do so.  Because really, what are the Olympics for if a nation can't show off it's power through an awesome building.  If I wasn't so poooor, I would totally go to Russia and look at that shinny structure.

The translucent skin is meant to represent the “color and spectacle of the games when illuminated at night” and will envelope 40,000 people when the stadium is full. As with the entire plan of the Olympic games in Sochi, sustainability is key, although no details have yet been presented to outline the green features of the new stadium. Much like many of the eco-stadiums in recent years, advanced material technology, lightweight structures, as well as daylighting and natural ventilation will most likely play an important role.
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