Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Power By Osmotic!

Norway has just opened up an interesting power plant.  It's not a power source one would usually suspect when thinking about high-tech power plants.  This one is powered by osmotic.  What, you've never heard of it before? Well neither have I actually, but it sounds neat.
"The plant generates power by exploiting the energy available when fresh water and seawater are mixed. Osmotic power is a renewable and emissions-free energy source that Statkraft has been researching into for 10 years and that will be capable of making a substantial global contribution to eco-friendly power production."
"...the global potential of osmotic power is estimated to be 1,600-1,700 TWh per annum, equivalent to 50 percent of the EU's total power production" [Statraft]

Dvice [Linkage]

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