Wednesday, December 16, 2009

POW, News Time!

Hello interwebs, I must admit it's been awhile since I've last logged on.  Don't take that as a bad sign.  Distance can be a sign of love, right?  Anyways,  I'm ready to use my not-so-valuable time to share my less than talented witting skills with the hungry void that is the internet!  I've decided to try something a bit different too.  So bear with me, I'm going to share some thoughts on news articles that have no connection with each other.  It's what I like to call: "Pow, News Time!"

Tiger Woods case: Cancelling appearances and being a shut-in only spawns more speculation and misinformation. Photo/REUTERS
So scanning through the good ol' online news today, it looks like it's been another interesting week.  To start with, Tiger still has his proverbial balls on the line when it comes to his sponsers.   Who would have thought that a simple car accident, like running into a tree would have caused so much entertainment.  Not the news media, I'll say that much.  Women are popping out of corner and closet, and Tiger can't whack the moles down fast enough.  Now apparently his wife is divorcing him, according to so called 'close' sources...yeah whatever.  What do people know anyways.  Tiger is a gold mine, one does not simply walk away from a money printing machine because of a few (erm, maybe more) incidents.  Maybe I'm just looking at this the wrong way.

A screen shot from Avatar: the Game.
What else is in the news, Avatar the movie.  For the longest time I thought this had something to do with that show, um, the Last Air Bender.  Then when I saw a trailer I was like, wtf, what's this?  Anyways, I guess the movie is coming out pretty soon, and according to the BBC, the reviews have been 'positive'.  Eye candy is nice, but I'm hoping for a good story that's at least semi-cogent.  I'm all for stuff blowing up, but when it turns into a story with a bad plot and horrible one-liners, graphics can only go so far in making up for it. (Transform!)

Google kid
Another cool story is about Google, and they're going full tilt into the phone market.  The feeling I'm getting right now is companies and analyst seem skeptical about it.  In the since that they think it's a fail-idea. Reasons, low margin market and pissing off partners like Motorola who use the Android software.  I guess people think that the market is too full at the moment to support Google in the phone market.  All I know is that once Google puts its force behind a project it usually turns out pretty good.  So I'm not too sure these skeptics are on the ball in this case, but we'll see in the future I guess.

Well that's it for this POW, News Time!

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