Thursday, August 26, 2010

Lego Tattoo: Bad Ass

It's not everyday you see something as awesome as this.  Or maybe you do, and in that case you're probably Bond or Superman. If that's true, than I hate you! *cries* The tat's on this lego-man are pretty detailed, which is far more than I can say for any other lego-person I've ever seen before.  Usually they just have a big bird or something on their chest.  Why are the people at lego so lazy! Why! 

Just kidding, I bet the people at lego are pretty awesome.  Have you guys seen the lego factory? It's almost comepletely automated! It's bad ass to be honest.

More pics of tat's after the jump.

Supposedly these were done with a ball pen pilot extra-fine, but whatever they're neat to look at.

pictures via ufunk (Linkage)

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  1. These are pretty awesome minifigs, well done to whoever did them. Although I have a hard time believing it was done with a ball pen!