Thursday, September 9, 2010

Angled Coffee Cup: Knows No Bounds

In a world full of crazy designs, this doesn't take the cake, but it does look cool.  Also, what neat tricks can your coffee cup do? Not this, this, balancing act!  Okay, so the tip-my-over look isn't very useful when there is coffee in the cup.  It's still neat.

What would a coffee cup look like when it is placed in zero gravity? To find the answer, you need have a look at this mug. It can be tilted in place when not in use, as if it is trying to free itself from gravity and fly up into the sky. But when in use, the coffee cup can still stand vertically like regular mugs do.(inewidea)

inewidea (Linkage) via gizmodiva (Linkage)

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