Saturday, September 4, 2010

Nasa Sending A Probe to The Sun

I knew this day would come.  Nasa already sent a probe straight into the Moon, and we all know how that ended.  The Moon blew up and now there are no more title-waves.  It was a poor day for beach communities everywhere.  Also the conspiracy theorists were right, and all the people on the internet who were freaking out.  Nasa just wanted to kill the Moon.  They kicked up a cloud of dust to analyze water.  What, did you think something else would happen?

Now Nasa wants to send a probe to the Sun, which by all rights is awesome.  The new mission will be called the Solar Probe Plus.  It's the size of a car, and it's job will be to operate near the corona of the Sun.
To that end, the craft will employ two different solar panel arrays to collect energy. A main array that will operate during the journey to power the ship's propulsion, while a second set will be made of liquid-cooled panels made of heat-resistant cells for when the probe studies the sun from a distance of 3.7 million miles. This is where we could find that we still don't have the tech to study the sun, as the high amounts of radiation the a temperature approaching 1400° Celsius could knock the probe out.
The Solar Probe Plus mission is right now aiming for a 2018 launch.

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