Monday, September 6, 2010

TARDIS Made From Lego's: Doctor Who

Oh hell yeah! A lego Tardis.  It can't get any cooler than this.  Well, maybe it can.  What if it were life-size?  I know that'd be sweet.  Jon from JustJon put this custom Tardis together for the BrickFair, and had to work through quite a bit of technical challenges to bring the finished version together.  Doctor Who was his inspiration for this awesomeness.

Pics and vid on the jump

Earlier this summer, I was trying to think of some new ideas to build for the upcoming BrickFair. At the same time, I was watching the new series of Doctor Who and the two ideas came together. An amalgam of the Doctor’s time travel device and the Lego bricks with a technological twist was the goal.
 I based my design on the David Tennant Doctor and analyzed pictures of him with the TARDIS. After examining the pictures, the first step was to figure out a way to get the windows to look right. By laying out the white bricks with the studs on top wouldn’t allow the blue frame between the windows, so a different technique needed to be used. After talking to my friend Lee, I started working on a SNOT (Studs Not On Top) technique that would let me put the white bricks and blue plates sideways. After several tries, I found a technique that worked utilizing pins to hold the stacks in place, but then the lower blue sections needed to be repositioned to center them within the holes below the windows. I worked on a way to use jumper plates to center them in the holes in a satisfactory way.

JustJon (Linkage) via NerdApproved (Linkage)

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