Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hey Lily (Allen), why you so silly


Here's an interesting story.  Lily Allen, a singer in England has
apparently pissed off a number of her fans because of recent statements on file sharing.  She sided with the record companies on this issue, and alienated quite of few people with her blog.  Last I checked too, she's also given up signing and closed her blog.

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Torrent freak seems to be one of the first blogs on the issue, and called her out on a number of hypocritical points.  Namely piracy on her part via ripping songs for her mixed tapes then posting them on her blog.
 In a few dozen articles on her new blog, Lily Allen complained how illegal file-sharing is bankrupting the music industry. Unfortunately for her she forgot to remove some of her old mixtapes from LilyAllenMusic.com, which revealed that she’s not the saint she claimed to be.

Source Torrent freak
Source techdirt

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