Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Pionen data center

I bet you've never seen a data center quite like this.  Yeah, me either.  This is just frikken awesome to look at.  It's in Stockholm, Sweden and they've built it out of an old nuclear shelter.  When the company, Bahnho, decided to build this data center (Pionen), they had more than just the computers in mind.  They were also thinking about the safety and comfort of the workers who would manage these systems.  Which is pretty cool, how often do you hear something like that? not very often I would image.

"The space Pionen now occupies was originally built during the Cold War era asa nuclear shelter.  Located below 30 meters of solid bedrock the space was completely redesigned during 2007-2008.  Now boasting 11,950 sq ft of space it houses the Network Operations Center (NOC) for all of Bhanhof's operations.  One of five data centers, it is the largest and is manned by a15 member team of senior technical staff"

The pictures are awesome, and it's even more cool when you think about the fact it can withstand a hydrogen bomb.

From hothardware.com

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