Friday, September 25, 2009

Microsoft is poaching Apple's staff

I love this one.  I can't help but think this is revenge on Apple for all those crappy ads.  Yeah, we know Microsoft isn't the sharpest tool in the bunch, but your ads still suck.  Anyways, what does it take to turn an Apple employee over to the darkside? Monies! That wasn't really hard to guess, was it?  The catch is that the managers who switch sides are also expected to hire on top sales staff from their former apple stores.

This move makes perfect sense from a business perspective (retail employees with some decent technological knowledge are hard to come by), but since Microsoft will be directly competing with Apple once it opens its retail stores, some find it odd that the same people who sell Apple products may be soon selling Microsoft products. Managerial and sales skills are, however, very transferable; at least the software giant isn't hiring away Genius Bar experts for the Answers/Windows Bar. 

arstechnica via gizmodo via loopinsigh

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