Thursday, October 1, 2009

Neat: Segway Samca

The look of this concept desing is pretty cool.  I love the bottle-shape with the futuristic plastic wheels.  It's neat how it tries to encapsolate you, like a car so it can useful in a variety of weather conditions; unlike the segway.  Now, my only gripe with this thing is the "information resource" part of the description.  I'm not too sure I know what the designer means.

Oh well, cool to look at.
Inspired by Arabic culture and FOSTER’s urban landscape, the “Segway Samca” by Damien Fressard is a monopod electric vehicle for Abu Dhabi’s new urban landscape, Masdar City, which generates power from innovative gyroscopic motors with small inner wheels for stability. Designed to provide safe and sustainable commutation, the translucent vertical vehicle is a part of the townscape that connects the city users and stays permanently in the city. Fusing with the surroundings, the futuristic vehicle includes info dials with maps, advanced gyro technology and a natural cooling system with perforations. When not in use for commutation, the vehicle serves as an information resource.

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