Friday, August 20, 2010

Pot Farm Guarded by Bears

So how would you guard a pot farm? With bears, no less.  Come on, no one would check out a place loaded with guard bears! That'd be insane, right?  Well apparently these guys didn't get the memo because it didn't work.  They should have gotten panda's to guard their farm because then they could say, "Ah, it's Pandemonium!" when their stash was raided. = )

“They were tame, they just sat around watching. At one point one of the bears climbed onto the hood of a police car, sat there for a bit and then jumped off,” said Royal Canadian Mounted Police sergeant Fred Mansveld.
In Canada, feeding bears is illegal as it leads to bears associating food with humans and increases the likelihood of bears coming into towns and cities to look for food.

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