Monday, September 20, 2010

Bipedal Robot

The world is one step closer to impending robot domination with this latest creation.  Built by the people at Chiba Institute of Technology in Japan, it's meant to be a platform to carry around the elderly or infirm.  So not only will these things be exceedingly tall, they will also give the elderly the power to control the world.  Oh god, the world is doomed.  Can you imagine it, super-powered elderly people.  I'm all for powered armor, but I want it for meeeeee.

The robot - rather androgynously called Core - is essentially just a pair of legs, which are able to bend and move around.
Crucially, the legs are topped by a platform that can be loaded with weights of up to 15st7lb (100kg).
It comes complete with shock absorbers and weighs in at around 36 stone.
At the moment the device is only a prototype, but developers believe Core could be used on building sites or even to move disabled people around.
Some bloggers have also speculated that the robot could have military purposes.
The team at Chiba hope to have a fully finished mobility robot by 2012.

 Dailymail (Linkage) via Gizmo Watch (Linkage)

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