Monday, September 20, 2010

Highway Guard Rail: Win

Like most things in life, the yellow cap on a guard rail gets unnoticed.  It's not particularly fancy, but it does do something completely awesome.  That's right, I said the yellow cap-thingy is awesome.  Hard to believe, I know.  Basically, what it does is stops you from becoming a kabob when your car hits the end of the rail.  So instead of the rail going right through your car, the yellow cap goes with your car and starts to peal off the rail, potentially saving your life. 

Of course, things could go horrible wrong and you could end up like a kabob. It's pretty easy for things to malfunction, but when they do the rest of us get to look at pictures!
Like this one, and this one...

Looks like that one could have hurt =/

tywkiwdbi (Linkage) via neatorama (Linkage)

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  1. You should ask Dr. Malcolm H. Ray why he testified that Trinity's ET-Plus guardrails were never changed and now Trinity won't release any of their secret testimony because it proves that Trinity really did murder people.