Monday, September 20, 2010

Star Wars Desk Mod: TIE Fighter

That's it, we're all screwed.  Someone built a life-size TIE fighter that could, a cat! Yes, those cats have been plotting to take over the world forever, and now they've gotten a human to build them this doomsday device! Seroulsy though, this is an awesome case mod.  It's actually a two for one deal in that it houses the computer as well.  This little baby was built by David Berry as part of the Extreme Tech Science Fiction Case Mod Contest
"As a die-hard Star Wars fan, I knew my first mod would have to incorporate something from Star Wars, and I could think of nothing cooler than a TIE Fighter. I got the blueprints online and got to work. I started with the side panels (wings), which were cut from plywood. The cockpit of the TIE Fighter was most problematic part to build. After several failed attempts to create a ball out of Bondo, I finally found the perfect sphere—a Jolly Ball (a pet store item). A plywood cutout that I installed inside the ball holds all the computer components, and PVC piping connects the cockpit to the wings. Accurate detailing was created using wood filler, wood strips, glues, paints, and caulking. The whole thing was painted, and the desktop surface (Plexiglas) was attached."
extremetech (Linkage) via starwarsfanboys (Linkage)

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