Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Power Loader Costume and Alien Queen Statue: Life-Size

Aliens got you down lately?  Are they getting in the way of your work?  Never letting you finish your heavy lifting, and trying to smash your super advanced space colonies and ship?   Well I have just the thing for you!  His awesome power loaded costume was built by Alex (darthgollumkong on youtube) and has all the things you might be looking for.  You can easily power through your work load and smash aliens at the same time! Convenient, I know.

 The maker, Alex, says that the inspiration of the Life-Size Power Costume from pele!’s Power Loader costume, which is being made mainly as a Halloween costume. Moreover, there are alien movies as well that Alex watched in his time. The best part of this work is that unbelievably, the whole process of designing and making the power loader costume took quite a short time.
 The maker has even shared all the processes and steps that he underwent for the making of this object. Before the Life-Size Power Loader, the maker has also made the statue of the Alien Queen, and that have inspired him a lot to finally go for this power loader.(Walyou)
 Walyou (Linkage)

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