Thursday, September 2, 2010

"Fresh Air" by Hong Kong Activists

Mmmm fresh air, in a bottle no-less.  I say to myself all the time that the air just stinks outside!  Someone should really do something about that, and now we have a solution.  Stick a bottle to your mouth and you'll never have to constantly breath the same filthy air as the rest of those suckers out there! It's so awesome too because as you're saving yourself from air pollution you're sticking it to the rest of your neighbors by using an awesome wasteful product! The irony is delicious.

Vid on the jump

The campaign stars popular American born Hong Kong based movie star Daniel Wu and resembles late night infomercials of yore. “Do your feeble breathing skills let you down? Does standing up tire you out?’’ Wu asks his audience. He then offers a bottle of Fresh Air and tells us that this new product will let you breathe, ‘‘like the rest of the world does.’’ Hong Kong’s air quality is notoriously bad and as we’ve seen the world over, air pollution not only adds to global warming but also affects local residents’ respiratory systems.
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