Thursday, October 14, 2010

Korea's Paik Nam June Media Bridge

Wow, this bridge looks awesome!  It's not everyday I see plans for a tricked out futuristic bridge that might actually be built.  It's not even an average futuristic bridge either.  This thing is suppose to have a shopping mall, docking ports, gardens, and solar panels.  I'm not even sure if it's will allow the normal road traffic through.

"'paik nam june media bridge' by seoul-based architectural practice planning korea is a mega-structure over the han river that aims to efficiently expand the city fabric on to the water. with a total length of 1080 meters, the bridge connects the dangi-li power plant, which is currently being redeveloped into a public cultural space, and the national assembly building to the south. the design proposal is a largely sculpted form with fluctuating curves and volumes."(erica,
From Designboom (Linkage) & Gizmodo (Linkage)

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