Monday, September 27, 2010

Duck Hunt: Lamp Mod

This is one of those lamps that just makes you stop and say, "Yeah, that's awesome".  Duck Hunt is a game that's dear to many who played it.  It took a bit of skill and patients, but before you knew it you were hooked on the game.  And before you ask, no cartridges were hurt in the creation of this lamp. It was created by Estranged-Illusions from devaintart.
This all started when I saw a Zapper and went 'hmm, bet that would make a cool lamp...' so I gutted one and wired it up- next was a 1.5 scale replica of a game cartridge for the base (made from cardboard, weighted with decorative stones that I had no use for, hehe)... and a painted thrift shade with fun foam cut-outs! Ugh, I don't know *how* many hours I sat there cutting out pixellated grass and trees and dogs and ducks..... why must I choose such picky work to do?

Via  walyou (Linkage)

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