Wednesday, September 1, 2010

UEFA bans the vuvuzela

Finally, the most annoying thing that barely qualifies as a musical instrument has been banned from any future UEFA events.  I think we can all say that it was the right decision.  Who wants to listen to an over-sized malformation of plastic blowing right next to their ear anyways.

UEFA, European football's governing body, has ruled that vuvuzelas should be banned from their matches.
This means the irksome plastic trumpet, which became infamous at the World Cup, will not be heard at Euro 2012 qualifiers or Champions League games.

Bosses say they came to the conclusion the instrument should not be taken into stadiums at matches in UEFA competitions after consultation with 53 member associations.

It was decided the noise could drown-out the singing and chanting of fans andthat "for reasons related to Europe's football culture and tradition" they should be banned.
From newslite (Linkage)

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